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Recycling benchmarks at effectus Computing Ltd

On a European level based on the WEEE guidelines (2002/96/EG guideline from the European Parliament and the board from January 27, 2003 electrical and electronic equipment law), the manufacturer is required by law to provide a free-of-charge return for customer's old equipment.


Following the introduction into European law, effetus Computing is obliged to register the company and to mark all new equipment with a symbol (slashed rubbish bin).

The manufacturers have registered by the „Old Electrical Equipment Register (EAR)“ and recorded their sales volume. Depending on their market share in the relevant product category, the manufacturers receive from EAR a collection obligation notice from the local collection points.

effectus Computing is registered under the WEEE reg. no. WEE/MM3680AA.

Equipment from other places of origin other than private households (B2B)

As of March 24, 2006, all old electrical and electronic equipment that was sold after August 13, 2005 can be returned free of charge by commercial customers to the manufacturers or to suppliers appointed by the manufacturers.

In the event that the customer requests effectus to collect and transport units, the costs for collection and transport are calculated based on current market prices and invoiced to our business customers. effectus accepts the costs for recycling and disposal and provides these services at the minimum cost for our business customers.

As of March 26, 2006, a separate regulation (which deviates from the standard policy) can be negotiated with commercial customers.

Old effectus equipment that complies with the conditions set out above and is labelled with the slashed rubbish bin should contact us to be informed of the address to send it to.