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Future Proof Your Out-of-Band Management Solution

Lantronix SLC 8000 is the industry's first advanced modular console manager that provides secure access to IT equipment with RS-232 and USB console, while minimizing deployment headaches and time.

  • The industry’s first modular console server offering both RJ45 and USB connectivity with user swappable I/O modules allowing for easy upgrades and scalability to enables custom “mix-and-match” configurations with USB and RS-232 modules

  • Integrated dual 1 Gb Ethernet or dual 1 Gb SFP interfaces

  • HTML5 support for Java-free web based telnet/SSH remote access to console ports that is browser independent

  • Provides multiple layers of out-of-band access with optional dial-up and cellular technologies

  • Reduces operating costs and security risks by eliminating the need for on-site interventions

  • Simplifies service deployments and balances CAPEX and OPEX with its modular design

  • Minimizes cable clutter with software-reversible device port pins

  • Increases testing productivity and efficiency as a DUT (device under test) aggregation tool

  • Protects management interfaces with authentication and FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption

  • Built-in support for environmental sensors and dry contact access control devices

  • Options of 16, 32 or 49 Ports

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SLC 8000 Advanced Console Manager - 16 Ports RJ45, 16 Ports USB, Single AC Supply

SLC 8000 Advanced Console Manager - 8 Ports RJ45, Dual AC Supply

SLC 8000 Advanced Console Manager 16 Ports RJ45, Single AC Power Supply

SLC 8000 Advanced Console Manager - 32 Ports RJ45, Single AC Supply