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R & D departments in today's large companies from the automotive, engineering, ship building or aerospace industry would be inconceivable today without the use of powerful computer systems. Computer-aided engineering is a vital element of development processes and product innovation.

  • Structural dynamics      

  • Crash simulation          

  • Noise – Vibration – Harshness (NVH)

  • Acoustics  

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics – CFD Electromagnetic

  • Compatibility (EMC) Multi physics    

  • Passive safety    

  • Vehicle occupant safety      


Whether highly optimised workstations for pre and post-processing and complex CAD applications, or high-performance computing clusters with intelligent job handling and easy management features, or parallel file system solutions as highly scalable HPC storage - effectus Computing solutions are designed for all areas of technical computing with the latest technology and with just one aim in mind: to provide the customer with a high-productivity and high-performance development environment which is easy to use and manage.